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AI as a Service

Our Services

Our Services

End-to-End AI Services

N2SH supports your AI adoption journey:  Collection of Big Data, Ingestion Process, CRISP-Compatible Data Mining Process, Transfer to Visualization / Presentation / Correlation or Processing and Display.

Managed AI Services

N2SH supports organisations with AI solutions delivered by our Data Scientists that combines flat-rate or unlimited AI support for a monthly fixed fee.

Support Services

Flat-rate and unlimited AI support for a monthly fixed fee. Our AI support services depend on your specific needs. Please contact us.

Smart Solutions

N2SH mainly provides smart solutions and our current projects include Inventory Management, Retail, Manufacturing and Prediction and Decision Making.

Secured AI Applications

Cloud-based  AI APIs

Keeping up with artificial intelligence (AI) and data privacy and security can be overwhelming. While there’s loads of promise and opportunity, there are also concerns about data misuse and personal privacy being at risk. 

N2SH’s Cloud-based platform can be customized based on the domain area(industry or sector) and specific requirements and needs. Smart Meta-Application for X (in short SMApp4X) is an Application about Applications for Everything.

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Smart Solutions:

AI as a Service (AIaaS)

N2SH is a startup specialised on AI as a Service (AIaaS). N2SH leverages on its Smart Meta-Application platform (SMApp4X) which covers around 400 AI Use Cases across 30 industry sectors including Consumer, Enterprise, Government, and Defense using Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Reasoning, or Strong AI.



“VIMS changes the way we do business in Western Vending Machines. Thanks to the technical support provided by Noor Nibras Software House.”

Mohammed Bin Ghannam
CEO, Western Vending Machines, Dubai

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Ready to find out more?

AIaaS is how AI’s potential will be fulfilled and how industries transform for the better. What was once a pipe dream has arrived. It is time to embrace it. Talk to us. Contact Noor Nibras Software House (N2SH) in our Headquarters in Dubai, UAE. 


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