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Noor Nibras Software House (N2SH) is an AI research and development company dedicated to exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence for development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach development challenges, enabling us to make more informed decisions and create more effective solutions. AI has several benefits for development, including improved healthcare, increased agricultural productivity, enhanced education, improved public safety, better disaster response, or increased efficiency in business and government. Regarding the promotion of SMEs, AI has the potential to transform the way we approach national and international trade, enabling us to create more efficient and effective systems that support economic growth and development.

N2SH, a research and development firm based in UAE, provides various services including (i) end-to-end AI Services; (ii) smart and support Services; (iii) managed Cloud-based AI services; (iv) secured AI applications; (v) Blockchain and crypto-based applications or (vi) Fintech applications.


N2SH is devoted to putting that strategic alignment of interests first before any profits. To accomplish our mission, we promote and value different perspectives and contributions to enable everyone to benefit from the technologies of the future while strictly respecting human dignity, data protection and privacy.


At N2SH, we believe artificial intelligence has the potential to foster development, and we want to be one of the main contributors. Join us for a new development odyssey shaped by the technologies of the future.

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Supporting MSMEs

One of the flagship platforms of Noor Nibras is Miz@n B2C & B2B, designed to enhance the visibility of micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), as well as larger national enterprises. Miz@n focuses on enriching expertise, facilitating product transformation, and fostering unique collaborations on local, regional, and international levels. Aligned with Free Trade Areas (FTAs) and international trade corridors, Miz@n exemplifies the commitment of Noor Nibras to steering an AI-powered future that seamlessly integrates technological innovation with ethical responsibility.

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Noor Nibras’ strategy is to support MSMEs to upskill their digital capabilities and use technology more intensively in their operations and workplace. The products we propose include VIMS, Atala Light, Atala ERP, Jew@n, DPay or Miz@n. These products cover internal business processes, support corporate financial transactions and facilitate commerce between SMEs at the national, regional and international levels. 


Digitization acts as an economic accelerant that fuels the GDP and provide an uplift to economic growth. The growth of the digital economy has widespread impact on the whole economy of the world and the chosen sectors in specific.


Boosting digital adoption across these economic sectors will enhance productivity and efficiency and provide new options to overcome many sector-specific constraints.

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