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AI Development Program for Senior Executives

The AI Development Program for Senior Executives is presented by Noor Nibras Research & Training, a subsidiary of Noor Nibras Software House. As a specialized artificial intelligence (AI) consulting firm, we are committed to offering high-quality training and research opportunities in the realm of AI.


May 27, 2024

5 - 10 days, On Site

5,000 - 10,000 $

Senior Executives

Transforming Vision into Value:

At N2SH, we pioneer a distinctive end-to-end approach, seamlessly blending cutting-edge AI development with executive insights to propel industries forward. Our unique model is designed to empower leaders in the Aviation, Environment, or Maritime sector, RBT, AML/CFT/PF, etc. turning today's challenges into tomorrow's successes.

Our Approach: All Industries and Sectors, Cloud-based and bespoke AI APIs


Our journey begins with Research & Training, where we dive deep into the heart of your industry's challenges through comprehensive surveys and discussions with business leaders. This phase culminates in bespoke training sessions for senior executives, demystifying AI technologies in language that resonates. Through interactive tours and peer visits, we showcase real-world applications, illustrating the transformative potential of AI.

Transitioning into the AI Development phase, we leverage insights gained from executive training to craft tailored AI solutions. Our proprietary Alfateen AI model is at the forefront of this process, ensuring solutions are not only innovative but also scalable and directly aligned with your strategic goals.

Why Choose Us?

  • Exclusive End-to-End Model: From identifying challenges to deploying solutions, our holistic approach ensures a seamless transition from knowledge to application.

  • Executive-Focused Training: We equip leaders with the knowledge to navigate the AI landscape confidently, fostering a culture of innovation from the top down.

  • Tailored AI Solutions: Our Alfateen AI and AI Infrastructure SMApp4X models translate your unique challenges into actionable, impactful AI strategies and solutions.

  • Real-World Impact: Through strategic industry partnerships and direct feedback loops, we ensure our solutions address the real needs of your business, delivering measurable value.

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where visionary leadership meets practical AI solutions. Contact us to discover how we can turn your industry challenges into competitive advantages.

Learning Outcomes

The AI Development Program for Senior Executives is tailored to equip participants with key skills and in-depth knowledge on applying AI across various fields such as international trade, maritime and port operations, aviation, intelligence services, economic intelligence, as well as in combating money laundering and terrorism financing.

The main expected learning outcomes are:

  • Exploring AI Applications: Learn how artificial intelligence can be applied to address specific challenges within the industry, providing innovative and effective solutions.

  • Optimization and Sustainability through AI: Understand the pivotal role of AI in enhancing resource management and promoting the sustainability of human activities, overcoming various industry challenges.

  • Advanced AI Techniques: Gain familiarity with advanced methods such as machine learning and big data analysis to accurately model processes, forecast future trends, and enhance data-driven strategic decision-making.

  • Case Studies and Practical Applications: Analyze real-world case studies and examples demonstrating the impact of AI in the concerned sectors. These practical cases illustrate the tangible benefits of AI, inspiring participants to adopt these technologies for more efficient and innovative management within their organizations.


AI Development Program for Senior Executives.jpg

This program aims to equip senior executives with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead the integration of AI into their business strategies, thereby enhancing their organizations' competitiveness, operational efficiency, and innovation capacity.


Key Program

Guest Speakers

Learn from guest speakers who are prominent industry practitioners, bringing firsthand insights and expert knowledge to the table. Engage with leaders in the field to gain practical advice and innovative strategies relevant to your industry.

Live sessions

Experience live in-person sessions with scholars and practitioners, the cohort success coach, and guest speakers.

Action Learning Project

Develop an action plan utilizing AI technologies to address a specific business challenge in your industry. Leverage your knowledge to integrate AI solutions that enhance efficiency, improve decision-making, and drive innovation in real-world applications.

Visits and Tours in UAE's Advanced Industries

Participate in organized tours of industries utilizing the most advanced AI technologies and take part in networking events across Dubai and the other Emirates within the UAE.

Guest Speakers

Learn from renowned scholars and practitioners who are at the epicenter of AI R&D and innovation. Gain insights from their cutting-edge expertise in technology and industry.

ai certificate.jpg


Upon successful completion of this program, you will receive a verified certificate of completion from Noor Nibras Research & Training.

Who Should Attend?

The AI Development Program for Senior Executives is specifically designed for business executives across various sectors and functions aiming to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. It offers a deep dive into the world of artificial intelligence, focusing not only on the technicalities but also on the organizational and managerial challenges of integrating AI into business processes.

Ideal candidates include:

  • Department Heads

  • Directors

  • CEOs.

  • IT Leaders

A prerequisite for participants is: Proficiency in both written and spoken English and French.

Program Management

1. Managing Director: Abdulla Bin GHANNAM, Chairman & Co-CEO, Noor Nibras Software House (N2SH), Dubai (UAE). 

2. Scientifc Director: Alain NKOYOCK, PhD, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), University of Phoenix, Arizona (U.S.). 

Vice-Chairman & Co-CEO, Noor Nibras Software House (N2SH), Dubai (UAE). More info


3. Additional Scholars & Practitioners

 - Scholars from ISG Tunis SMART Lab (University of Tunis) 

 - Scholars from other Research Centers.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Program Management Team invites potential sponsors to collaborate with us in pioneering the integration of artificial intelligence into business leadership. Our program, a leader in executive education, aims to arm senior leaders with the critical insights and tools needed to thrive in the AI-driven corporate landscape. Sponsoring this groundbreaking initiative means not only aligning your brand with the forefront of innovation but also empowering executives to catalyze change and foster sustainable growth within their organizations. This sponsorship offers an exclusive chance to connect with an elite network of business leaders, enhance your visibility at top-tier AI and leadership events, and play a pivotal role in advancing a program set to transform executive standards of excellence.


Embark on this exciting venture with us to explore the vast possibilities AI brings to the future of business leadership.

  • I have a full time job. What is the time commitment expected from me?
    The AI Development Program for Senior Executives is tailored specifically for adult learners. Participants are expected to dedicate 5 to 10 working days for on-site training. This immersive experience includes organized tours of industries at the forefront of AI technology and participation in networking events throughout Dubai and other Emirates in the UAE. Additionally, to accommodate professional obligations, there will be designated periods during each day for attendees to address urgent work matters as necessary.
  • How do the live sessions work?
    The learning journey, spanning 5 to 10 days, encompasses both in-person and recorded sessions led by distinguished scholars, academics, and practitioners. This offers you the opportunity to engage in live sessions, where you can ask questions and exchange ideas with your success coach and fellow cohort members. Additionally, real-world use cases will be shared and documented, serving as valuable resources for your future projects once you return to your office.
  • What is included in the price of the program?
    The fee for the AI Development Program for Senior Executives encompasses instructor fees, all educational materials, and access to online coursework. Additionally, the fee provides for coffee breaks and lunch during the program. Please note that accommodations in Dubai, travel costs (including domestic and international flights, visa fees, etc.), and any other expenses not explicitly covered by the program fee are the participant's responsibility and are not included.
  • Is there any discount or financial aid?
    To enroll in this program, the full program fee must be paid in advance. Typically, this program is funded by an organization. Each session requires a minimum of 10 participants for commencement.
  • Does the program offer closed-captioning for videos included in the curriculum?
    Yes. We provide closed-captioning and transcripts for all pre-recorded videos as well as closed-captioning for recordings of training sessions.

Our learning coordinators have helped senior executives across the world choose the right program for their career goals. Schedule a one-on-one to get a deeper understanding on why the AI Development Program for Executives is the right fit for you.



Phone:  +971 50 651 6575 (UAE) / +237 696 0149 77 or +237 656 9935 71 (Cameroon)

Transforming Industries with AI: Practical Examples

Aviation: Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing

Challenge: Optimizing pricing strategies in response to fluctuating demand to maximize revenue.

AI Solution: AI algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to predict demand trends, allowing airlines to adjust prices dynamically and maximize profitability.

Port Operations Optimization

Challenge: Port congestion stands as a significant hurdle, affecting the efficiency of port operations. It often results from inadequate planning, poor coordination between ships and port services, and inefficient use of infrastructure and resources.

AI Solution: The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) into port management systems can significantly improve the planning and coordination of ship arrivals, optimize berth allocation, and enhance the use of handling equipment. For instance, a predictive system can foresee congestion peaks and adjust operations in real-time to maintain a steady flow, thereby reducing waiting times and increasing the overall capacity of the port.

Environment: Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Challenge: Monitoring and improving air quality in operations and reducing emissions.

AI Solution: AI can analyze emission data from operations in real-time, suggest operational adjustments to reduce emissions, and monitor air quality, aiding in compliance with air quality standards.

Maritime Environmental Management

Challenge: Marine pollution and the preservation of marine biodiversity are growing concerns. Intense maritime traffic, accidental spills of chemicals or oil, and irresponsible ballast water discharge contribute to the degradation of the marine environment.

AI Solution: Developing and implementing AI-based environmental monitoring systems to identify and prevent pollution risks in real-time. These systems can analyze data from satellites, underwater sensors, and other sources to detect anomalies, such as oil spills or abnormal concentrations of harmful substances. Simultaneously, promoting the adoption of clean technologies for ships, such as low-emission alternative fuels, ballast water treatment systems, and eco-friendly antifouling coatings, can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the maritime sector.

Oil and Gas Industry: Threat Detection in the Oil and Gas Industry

Challenge: One of the critical business challenges in the oil and gas industry is the efficient detection and mitigation of threats that could compromise the safety of operations, the integrity of infrastructure, and the security of data. These threats include physical intrusions at remote sites, cyber-attacks on critical control systems, and the potential for insider threats. The vast geographical spread of assets, including pipelines, drilling sites, and refineries, compounds the difficulty of monitoring and responding to these threats in a timely manner. Additionally, the industry's reliance on legacy systems and the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks make it imperative to adopt advanced solutions for threat detection and response.

AI Solution: Advanced Threat Detection System

To address the multifaceted threat landscape in the oil and gas industry, an AI-powered Advanced Threat Detection System can be developed. This system would leverage machine learning algorithms and big data analytics to provide comprehensive surveillance and security insights, enabling proactive threat mitigation.

Environment: Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Challenge: In retail, managing inventory effectively is crucial to maximize profitability. A specific challenge that retailers face is the end-of-season markdown process. The goal is to sell remaining stock before it becomes obsolete due to changing seasons or trends, while still trying to maximize revenue. However, determining the optimal markdown price and timing can be complex, involving factors such as remaining inventory levels, current demand trends, product perishability, and historical sales data. Incorrect markdown strategies can lead to either excess unsold inventory, which takes up storage space and ties up capital, or lost revenue from markdowns that are too steep or implemented too early.

AI Solution: Dynamic Markdown Optimization System

Retailers facing challenges with end-of-season markdowns can benefit from implementing an AI-powered dynamic markdown optimization system. This system utilizes predictive analytics and machine learning to determine the optimal pricing and timing for markdowns, ensuring maximum revenue and minimized excess inventory. By continuously learning from sales data and adapting to market changes, this AI solution enhances decision-making and operational efficiency in markdown management.

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