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Advantages for MSMEs

01. Seamless Integration with Atala: ERP as a Service

Atala offers an efficient and integrated ERP solution as a service, streamlining business processes and enhancing overall operational efficiency for MSMEs.

03. Smart Inventory Control through VIMS: Vending Machines

VIMS provides MSMEs with smart inventory management through vending machines, optimizing stock levels, reducing costs, and ensuring products are readily available to meet customer demands.

05. Cost-Efficient Solutions for MSMEs

N2SH solutions are designed with the affordability factor in mind, offering cost-efficient options that allow MSMEs to access advanced technologies without compromising their budget constraints.

07. Scalability for Business Growth

N2SH solutions are scalable, providing MSMEs the flexibility to expand their operations seamlessly as their business grows, without the need for major overhauls or disruptions.

02. Effortless Financial Management with Dpay Fintech

Dpay Fintech simplifies financial transactions, making it easier for MSMEs to manage payments, invoices, and financial records securely, fostering a smoother financial workflow.

04. Empowering Jewellery Businesses with Jewan

Jewan, the jewelry e-commerce marketplace, empowers MSMEs in the jewelry industry by providing a robust platform to showcase and sell their products, reaching a broader audience and boosting sales.

06. User-Friendly Interfaces

All solutions boast user-friendly interfaces, ensuring that MSMEs can easily adapt and navigate the platforms without extensive training, ultimately saving time and resources.

08. Dedicated Support and Training

MSMEs partnering with N2SH benefit from dedicated support services and training programs, ensuring they make the most out of the solutions, resolve issues promptly, and stay updated on new features.

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Our Products are solutions designed to help you manage your business process, operations, inventory and customer base from one point.

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