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AI as a Service

Noor Nibras Software House (N2SH) is an AI research and development company dedicated to exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence for development.

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AI as a Service (AIaaS)

Noor Nibras, a prominent AI research and development company in the UAE, is dedicated to harnessing artificial intelligence for developmental purposes. At the forefront of innovation, Noor Nibras is actively developing the Smart Applications for Everything (SMApp4X), a versatile AI model. 


The adept team utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create dynamic solutions adaptable to diverse industries. Driven by a mission to deliver highly customizable and scalable AI solutions, Noor Nibras offers AI as a Service, covering 400 Use Cases across 30 sectors using advanced technologies.

In collaboration with Aviation On Demand (AOD), N2SH is also actively engaged in interdisciplinary initiatives connecting artificial intelligence (AI), agriculture, AR engineering with aviation, and Aerospace Cyber Security.


Need a Consultation?

Empower your organisation with our comprehensive consultancy services covering a spectrum of crucial domains. Below are just a few of the consultancy services we offer!

Artificial Intelligence

Leverage the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence to enhance efficiency, productivity, and innovation within your operations.


Navigate the digital landscape with confidence as we guide you through the process of digital transformation, optimizing your processes and strategies for the digital era.

Tap into the wealth of knowledge and expertise offered by our international consultants, each boasting years of experience across diverse domains.


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VIMS has revolutionized our business at Western Vending Machines (WVM), transforming the way we operate. The exceptional technical support from Noor Nibras Software House has played a crucial role in our success.

Mohammed Bin Ghannam
CEO, WVM, Dubai

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Interesting in Joining Us?

Join us and be a part of something amazing! At Noor Nibras Software House, we are constantly working on innovative AI software projects and we need talented individuals like you to join our team. Browse our current job listings and apply today.

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