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Why Choose N2SH?


AI as a Service (AIaaS) shop to drive business outcomes with unmatched efficiency. There is tremendous complexity involved in developing AI and machine learning solutions that meet a business’ actual needs. Developing the right algorithms requires data scientists who know what they are looking for and why in order to cull useful information and predictions that deliver on the promise of AI. However, it is not feasible or cost-effective for every organization to arm themselves with enough domain knowledge and data scientists to build solutions in-house.




Our bespoke solutions use the latest IoT Technology, RFID and QR codes, Big Data, AI and Machine/Deep Learning. Our end-to-end services cover all the required Software, Technology, IT Security and Supportive Infrastructure as well as the execution of projects from Planning to Integrations and Technical Support.

Evidence-based smart and innovative solutions) recognized in UAE, the GCC region and Africa. Business-IT alignment approach in every project and decades of experience from designing Innovative Solutions across numerous industries. 


We design every solution with a business-first approach in close collaboration with our clients. Our customers range from SMEs/SMIs to global companies. Our AI-based solutions can be economically used as a service by many companies for many purposes. N2SH delivers AI-based solutions targeting specific needs, understands vertical industries and builds sophisticated models to find actionable information with remarkable efficiency. Thanks to our cloud-based  SMAApp4X platform, we are able to deliver these AI solutions as a service that can be accessed, refined and expanded in ways that were unfathomable in the past.

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