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N2SH Embarks on Groundbreaking Collaboration with ISG Tunis Smart Lab

These institutions have officially signed on 16 December 2023 a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Smart Lab of the University of Tunis (ISG Tunis), marking a crucial collaboration to advance AI R&D initiatives for the development of the Miz@n 2.0 B2C and B2B platform.


This MoU initiates a collaborative effort between Noor Nibras and SMART Lab, with the primary goal of launching a comprehensive R&D program focused on advancing the AI modules for the Miz@n 2.0 B2C and B2B platform. By combining our expertise and resources, both entities aspire to significantly contribute to the evolution of AI technology within these platforms.The anticipated outcomes include the integration of 28 advanced AI features into Miz@n, designed to support micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) as well as larger national enterprises.


The focus will be on facilitating cross-border trade, providing AI as a service, supporting free trade agreements (including the AfCFTA, as concessional lists have already been uploaded to some Miz@n national instances), and enhancing broader international trade networks. Additionally, we aim to publish scholarly articles and patents while initiating educational and training programs for individuals pursuing degrees at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels.


Through these collaborative efforts, Noor Nibras and the SMART Lab aim to drive innovation, fostering advancements in AI that benefit a diverse range of businesses and contribute to educational growth in the field. This marks the first AI initiative of its kind, set to initially support Africa, MENA, and GCC countries for cross-border commerce. Leveraging the Smart Applications for everything (SMApp4X), Noor Nibras' innovative AI model, we intend to create dynamic solutions adaptable across various industries.


This initiative will be led by 26 scholars and professionals, supported by students, developers, and support staff, collectively shaping the future of AI in the regions. 

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